Peace begins with me, here, now.

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Karen McFadyen

Hi I’m Karen. I am a mother, researcher and now a blogger. I started this blog to document a peace project. My family, and other families like mine, are road testing various methods of bringing peace to ourselves and our relationships. We are moving towards world peace, one family at a time 🙂

As we test ways to bring greater peace to our thoughts, words, actions and interactions, I am using this blog as an accountability partner. I blog about my family’s experiences and those of other families who are willing to participate in this ‘life experiment’. When I blog, the experiences I describe are real, however I change any identifying details (names, locations), in order to protect the privacy of all involved.

About Karen McFadyen

The Path to Inner Peace

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Experiment with peaceful habits, along with us, and let me know about your experiences. Together we can make a positive difference. Our intentions, thoughts, words and actions matter!