Bringing peace to your family by creatively adapting Masaru Emoto’s findings on the healing power of water

Masaru Emoto discovered that water responds to a variety of stimuli, including prayer, music, and spoken or written words.

In his book, ‘The True Power of Water – Healing and Discovering Ourselves’, Masaru Emoto describes how in 1987, at age forty-three he encountered ‘the wonder and mystery of water’ (p.vii) when a colleague healed his foot pain.  Fascinated, he sought further knowledge and ended up devoting his life to the study of water and hado (the energy inherent in all things).

Over time Emoto became convinced that water ‘took in information’, and he wondered how he could capture or reveal the impact of the information.  Eventually he was able to take pictures of the waters’ frozen ice crystals.  He found that some everyday tap water and contaminated lake water would not form crystals at all, while untreated water and distilled water did.  In a variety of experiments over 20 years, he showed that water responds to written and spoken words, pictures, and music; by photographing the resulting crystals.

‘We consistently found that water responded to positive words (eg happiness) by forming beautiful crystals.  In contrast, when water was shown negative words (eg unhappiness), it did not form crystals.  We continued to show a pair of opposite words to water from the same source: ‘well done’ versus ‘no good’, ‘like’ versus ‘dislike’, ‘power’ versus ‘powerless’, ‘angel’ versus ‘devil,’ and ‘peace’ versus ‘war.’  Water formed crystals only when it was shown the positive words (in any language)’ (Emoto 2005, p.13).

Emoto (2005) also relates examples where prayer has transformed polluted water, including Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan (see pictures below).  A family interested in Emoto’s work conducted an experiment and put boiled rice in two glass jars.  Every day for a month they said “Thank you” to one jar and “You fool” to the other, tracking how the rice changed over the period.  After a month, the rice that was told “Thank you” started to ferment, with a mellow smell like that of malt, while the rice that was exposed to “You fool” rotted and turned black.  Eventually hundreds conducted this experiment, reporting the same results (Emoto 2005, p.97).  (See you-tube videos showing various experiments).

Emoto postulated that as an adult body is 70 percent water, the water we drink may have the ability to improve health.  To Emoto (2005, p.14), the most beautiful water-crystal pictures were those that resulted from exposure to the words ‘love and gratitude.’  He advocates taping paper or stickers with the words “Love and Gratitude” to water containers and offering a prayer to the water.

Love and gratitude crystal

Thank you crystal

Before prayer ceremony at Lake Biwa (the biggest lake in Japan)

After prayer ceremony at Lake Biwa

Suggested Action: Why not try it? Place stickers around your family home. According to Dr Emoto, they don’t have to be visible to work – so start by placing them under chairs and stools, on water filters and water bottles.  The stickers could say for example: ‘peace’, ‘love’ or ‘gratitude’. See whether family members become more peaceful, happy and loving.  What have you got to lose?

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